News Release

“Obama’s Olympic Error”

Sportswriter Zirin just wrote the piece “Obama’s Olympic Error,” which states: “To greater or lesser degrees, the Olympics bring gentrification, graft and police violence wherever they nest. … It’s also difficult for Chicago residents to see how this will help their pocketbooks, given that [Chicago Mayor Richard] Daley pledged to the International Olympic Committee that any cost overruns would be covered by taxpayers.

“This is why a staggering 84 percent of the city opposes bringing the Games to Chicago if it costs residents a solitary dime. Even if the games were to go off without a hitch — which would happen only if the setting was lovely Shangri-La — not even half the residents would support hosting the Games.”

Zirin is the author of Welcome to the Terrordome: The Pain, Politics and Promise of Sports and the newly published A People’s History of Sports in the United States. He is the host of XM Radio’s “Edge of Sports Radio.”

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