News Release

New Evidence on Honduran Election

The Real News reports that contrary to the claims of many, including the U.S. representative to the Organization of American States, the official polling data suggest that the turnout in the recently boycotted Honduran election was under 50 percent. See: “Honduran Elections Exposed.”

Freeston is a reporter for The Real News who has produced several segments on Honduras since the June coup.

LAURA CARLSEN, in Mexico City
Carlsen, who was in Honduras during the recent boycotted election, notes the findings of The Real News in her new piece “‘Honduran Elections’: A Parody on Democracy.”

She warns that with many accepting false claims of the coup government, an escalating human rights crackdown now may occur in Honduras.

Carlsen is director of the Americas Program for the Center for International Policy; she is based in Mexico City.

A former U.S. ambassador to El Salvador and Paraguay, White is president of the Center for International Policy. He just wrote the piece “Honduras and a Divided Latin America.”

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