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Turkey Invades Syria


Radio Free Europe just published the piece “Analysis: Turkey Invades Syria As Race For Northern Aleppo Heats Up.

MICHAEL BEER, michael[at], @NVIntl
Director of Nonviolence International, Beer said today: “Turkey has invaded Syria without the support of the Assad government nor the United Nations nor the Arab League. This is another damaging blow to international laws meant to prevent war.

“Given hundreds of years of Turkish/Ottoman dominion over Arabs, this Turkish invasion is unlikely to gain much support in Syria or the Arab world.

“The timing is remarkable just as the vice president of the U.S. arrived in Turkey. The U.S. cooperated, in part, because the U.S. already has troops in Syria in violation of international law and the U.S. constitution and has no credible platform to protest.

“International protest has been slow to emerge: No attempt to bring this to the UN; the media refusing to label this an invasion/violation of international law. European governments support it, and the Iranians refuse to release a public statement.

“We are seeing more and more countries follow the U.S. and Russia’s example of using military force outside of international law. This is a dangerous direction for the future security of planet earth.”

For background, see New York Times Magazine: “Behind the Barricades of Turkey’s Hidden War.”