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Election Results: Healthcare and Polling

The Washington Post reports: “Maine just resoundingly became the first state to expand Medicaid by ballot initiative.”
Early Exit Polls: Health Care Most Important Issue for Virginia Voters.”

NBC News reports: “Early Exit Polls: Health Care Most Important Issue for Virginia Voters.”

Numerous recent polls from Harvard-HarrisEconomist/YouGov, Pew and other polling organizations now show majority support for an expanded Medicare-for-all plan, often called “single payer.”

DiMaggio is an assistant professor of political science at Lehigh University and has written extensively on polling. His books include Selling War, Selling Hope and The Rise of the Tea Party.

He said today: “Medicaid/Medicare are/were important. With the limited choices of two neoliberal parties, people vacillate between one and the other. As one party gets into office (Republicans) people become more disenchanted with them, as in this case, because despite Trump’s rhetoric about improving healthcare in America, his agenda is the opposite. So people end up voting for people who have interests contrary to their own, because of the limited choices out there and the failures of both parties to represent the public. Then they go against them as the elected officials betray them. There’s a long history of this. … Health care has been THE ISSUE this year for Republicans, very high profile and lots of public mobilization against them.”

Background: Time reported in June: “President Trump Promised He Wouldn’t Touch Medicaid. The Senate Bill Includes Billions in Cuts.”