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Ten Real Reasons To Impeach Clinton


We all seem to have lost our sense of proportion. Why are the political leaders of the United States and the major media talking of impeaching Bill Clinton for lies about sex, surely not the most important sins of his administration?

If Clinton is to be impeached, why do it for frivolous reasons? I can think of at least ten reasons to impeach him, for acts far more serious than his dalliance with Monica Lewinsky or his lies to Kenneth Starr. I am speaking of matters of life and death for large numbers of people.

1. Clinton approved, very early in his first administration, an armed attack on the compound of a religious sect in Waco, Texas, under circumstances which clearly did not warrant losing patience with negotiations and choosing a military solution. As a result of the attack, eighty-one people died, including men, women, and children. [Read more…]

Autopsy Of A Disaster: The U.S. Sanctions Policy On Iraq


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Myth: The Sanctions Will be Lifted When Iraq Complies with the U.N. Inspections

    • April 3, 1991: U.N. Security Council passes Resolution 687 which states that upon “the completion by Iraq of all actions contemplated in” specific paragraphs of the resolution, “the prohibitions against financial transactions … shall have no further force or effect.” The paragraphs cited have to do with weapons inspections. Other paragraphs in the resolution have to do with “return of all Kuwaiti property seized by Iraq” and Iraqi liability for losses and damage resulting from Iraq’s occupation of Kuwait.


    • April 5, 1991: U.N. Security Council passes Resolution 688 that “demands that Iraq” end its repression “of all Iraqi citizens.”


    • May 20, 1991: President George Bush: “At this juncture, my view is we don’t want to lift these sanctions as long as Saddam Hussein is in power.” James Baker, Secretary of State: “We are not interested in seeing a relaxation of sanctions as long as Saddam Hussein is in power.” [Read more…]