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Bush and Blair: A Partnership of Deception


British Prime Minister Tony Blair is back in Britain now facing an ever-widening scandal involving the distortion of evidence on Iraq’s alleged weapons of mass destruction, but his recent trip to meet with President Bush underscores the partnership the two leaders have shared as both face growing evidence that they knowingly used faulty intelligence to promote their case for war with Iraq. [Read more…]

Bush in Africa: “A Cruel Hoax”?


President Bush’s recent tour of Africa to tout his $15 billion pledge to fight the continent’s AIDS epidemic and promote trade was met with skepticism by critics who charged that his administration is attempting to mask regressive policies with staged public relations events.

Bush’s trip to Africa appears to represent, more than anything else, an opportunity to present a photo-op for the upcoming November 2004 elections,” said Bill Fletcher, president of TransAfrica Forum.

Salih Booker, executive director of Africa Action, called Bush’s commitment to fighting AIDS in Africa “a cruel hoax,” adding that Bush “has virtually sidestepped the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, thus undermining the most important vehicle in the war on AIDS.” [Read more…]