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In-Office and Online Internships and Volunteer Positions Available

Noam Chomsky: “The Institute for Public Accuracy has been regularly providing the media with informed and expert commentary on the crucial events of the day, compensating for the inevitable distortion and significant omissions that trace to reliance on official sources and on a narrow spectrum of opinion, among other factors. Apart from its constructive contributions to media comprehensiveness and accuracy, for individuals who are seeking a better understanding of evolving world events IPA has been an incomparable source of critically important news that had escaped notice or received inadequate or misleading coverage, as well as acute analysis that is hard to find or completely missing in the mainstream. Speaking personally, I have found it invaluable as a source of insight and information, and for leads to pursue that I would otherwise have missed.”

The Institute for Public Accuracy — — is a non-profit organization that increases the reach and capacity of progressive and grassroots organizations (at no cost to them) to address public policy by getting them and their ideas into the mainstream media. IPA gains media access for those whose voices are commonly excluded or drowned out by government or corporate-backed institutions. As a national consortium of independent public-policy researchers, analysts and activists, we widen media exposure for progressive perspectives on many issues including the environment, human rights, foreign policy, and economic justice.

The typical internship itself involves real hands on-work. Interns work directly with our staff and the experts whom we publicize. Through that interaction they gain valuable insight into how to work with the media and think more critically about the mainstream press. Interns are responsible for researching and compiling our news releases, fielding inquiries from working journalists, publishing our news releases, posting blogs and interviews from our “experts,” managing our webpage and building our social media presence.

Our office is located in the National Press Building in the heart of downtown D.C., right next to Metro Center, but coming in might not always be required; we welcome applications from outside the D.C. area.

We’re looking for an intern to be available as soon as possible. Our schedule is flexible, and we can accommodate both full and part-time interns. We’re looking for students with an interest in politics who are capable of thinking critically about the media and who can work well under deadlines.

Responsibilities include:
* Following news to help put out editorial material
* Tracking down experts for news releases and helping put releases together
* Updating IPA’s web page
* Building up IPA’s online presence including twitter, facebook and a new IPA blog
* Structural improvements to IPA’s web presence, such as building an online Daybook
* Using databases to add journalists contacts to IPA’s email lists
* Attending and covering events at the National Press Club
* Regularly done for college credit

Contact: Communications Director Sam Husseini at samhusseini at, or call him at 202-347-0020.