News Item Archive - 2017

Norman Solomon in “The Washington Post”



After appearing in a recent news release, RootsAction co-founder and IPA executive director, Norman Solomon, was quoted in the article “In deal with Trump, Democrats see opportunity– and peril.”

He said, “Short-term tactics may not serve progressive interests in the long term. I think this whole path of getting chummy with Trump is fraught with land mines and pitfalls, and Trump is an expert at detonating under people’s feet.”

Solomon, was a delegate last year to the Democratic National Convention for Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), was a 2012 Congressional candidate, and is the author of numerous books and articles.

Nafeez Ahmed on “The Real News Network”


nafeez ahmedFollowing an appearance on a recent IPA news release, Nafeez Ahmed, an independent, London-based investigative reporter, was interviewed by Aaron Maté on “The Real News Network”. Ahmed discussed how British government policies benefit extremists and endanger civilians.

“Britain over the last few years, especially under the government of May, has allied itself with the very regimes that are sponsoring jihadist groups. …

“There was a British government report that Theresa May is suppressing which identifies Saudi Arabia at the top of terrorist funding and she doesn’t want it to come out. …

“None of these concerns have been taken on board in terms of our actual policy and we continue to maintain this very, very direct and cozy alliance with these regimes and of course, in particular, Theresa May has signed off on a $2.5 billion arms deal with the Saudi regime. So what we’re seeing is that we are getting into bed, with what all our intelligence agencies are telling us, with the world’s chief sponsor of the world’s most barbaric terrorist entity.”

Ahmed’s books include A User’s Guide to the Crisis of Civilization. He is “System Shift” columnist at VICE. He just co-wrote the piece “The Manchester Bombing: Blowback from British state collusion with jihadists abroad” with author Mark Curtis.