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James Paul on WORT

After appearing on an IPA news release last week, James Paul, the executive director of Global Policy Forum for 20 years and longtime editor of the Oxford Companion to Politics of the World, was interviewed by Jan Miyasaki on WORT’s 8 O’clock Buzz this Wednesday regarding the current refugee situation in Syria.


Steve Horn on The Real News Network

After appearing on an IPA news release last month, Steve Horn, research fellow for Desmogblog, appeared on The Real News to discuss Obama and the institutionalization of pro-gas and pro-oil policy. In the interview, he brings up concerns about Obama’s history of “pushing different fossil fuel projects around North America and around the world.”


Allan Nairn on WBEZ’s Worldview

After appearing on an IPA news release earlier this week, Allan Nairn, an investigative reporter who has worked on Guatemala for decades, appeared on WBEZ’s Worldview to discuss the current political crisis in Guatemala.


Mark Klein on Bill LuMaye Show

After appearing on an IPA news release earlier this week, Mark Klein, an AT&T technician who blew the whistle on AT&T’s cooperation with the NSA and author, appeared on the Bill LuMaye show to discuss how AT&T assisted the NSA’s spying efforts.


Costas Panayotakis on CounterSpin

Following his appearance on an IPA news release, Costas Panayotakis, associate professor of sociology at the New York City College of Technology at CUNY and author, appeared on CounterSpin to discuss the Greek ‘No’ Vote.


Antonia Juhasz on Democracy Now!

After appearing on an IPA news release, Antonia Juhasz, an oil industry expert, author and investigative journalist, went on the July 9 show of Democracy Now! to discuss the BP gulf oil spill settlement.


Farea Al-Muslimi and Matthieu Aikins on Democracy Now!


(Left) Farea Al-Muslimi, (Right) Matthieu Aikins,

After both were featured on an IPA news release, Yemeni writer and a visiting scholar with Carnegie Middle East Farea Al-Muslimi and overseas journalist Matthieu Aikins, who reported on Yemen for Rolling Stone, appeared on Democracy Now! on July 9 to discuss the bombing of Yemen by a Saudi-led coalition. The bombing led to heavy civilian casualties.


Adam Johnson on The Paul Harris Show

adam johnsonAfter being featured on an IPA news release, Adam Johnson, writer at Alternet and contributing writer at FAIR, discussed the FBI “terror threats” on The Paul Harris Show.


Coleen Rowley in The Huffington Post

Former FBI special agent and now whistleblower Coleen Rowley is featured in The Huffington Post in the article “Standing Up in the Spirit of America’s First Whistleblower Benjamin Franklin!


Ray McGovern in U.S. News & World Report

Retired CIA analyst and now whistleblower Ray McGovern weighs in on the sentencing of ex-CIA officer Jeffrey Sterling in U.S. News & World Report.


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