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Ellsberg: Manning Acting Heroically for Press Freedom in WikiLeaks Case


DANIEL ELLSBERG, @DanielEllsberg
Ellsberg exposed the Pentagon Papers. He just released a statement regarding Chelsea Manning, who was jailed Friday by the U.S. government for refusing to comply with a subpoena to testify in front of a grand jury believed to be investigating WikiLeaks’s publishing activities.

Manning revealed information that WikiLeaks made public, including the “Collateral Murder” video:

Ellsberg stated to the Freedom of the Press Foundation: “Chelsea Manning is again acting heroically in the name of press freedom, and it’s a travesty that she has been sent back to jail for refusing to testify to a grand jury. An investigation into WikiLeaks for publishing is a grave threat to all journalists’ rights, and Chelsea is doing us all a service for fighting it. She has already been tortured, spent years in jail, and has suffered more than enough. She should be released immediately.”

In 2017, Ellsberg warned about steps the U.S. government might take against a free press in: “Trump Threats to WikiLeaks ‘Nuclear Option’ Against the First Amendment.”Available for interviews:

LISA LING, limalima at, @aretvet
Ling is a U.S. military drone program whistleblower. She was profiled in the documentary “National Bird” and is following the Chelsea Manning case and other whistleblower cases. She notes that Manning has said: “These secret proceedings tend to favor the government. I’m always willing to explain things publicly.”

Also, see from January of this year, Institute for Public Accuracy news release: “Floyd Abrams: Barr’s Stance ‘Deeply Threatening to First Amendment.”‘