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“Globalization from Below”

Gupta is editor of The Indypendent newspaper in New York City focusing on economics. He recently wrote the piece “The Great Unraveling.”

Gupta said today: “A different reality awaits President Obama as heads to Europe to meet with other leaders of the G-20 … On Sunday, U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner called on all nations ‘to affirm our commitment to maintain open policies toward international trade and investment and to avoid protectionist measures that could threaten recovery.’ … [But] U.S. economic policies are being labeled as protectionist by much of the world. …”
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Co-founder of Global Labor Strategies, a resource center providing research and analysis on globalization, trade and labor issues Brecher recently co-wrote the piece “Global Labor’s Forgotten Plan to Fight the Great Depression,” which begins: “In the early 1930s, as global unemployment tripled in two years and the world plunged into the Great Depression, the world’s labor movements developed a program for fighting the global crisis through international public works. It’s a little-known historical might-have-been that could have helped halt the Great Depression, the rise of Adolph Hitler, and the Second World War. And, as the efforts of world leaders to address today’s ‘Great Recession’ threaten to break down in nationalist rivalry and petty political bickering, it bears lessons — and perhaps an alternative vision — for today.”

Brecher also recently co-wrote “How to Pay for a Global Climate Deal.”

His books include Globalization from Below and Strike!
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