About Us



Board of Directors:

Beth Schulman, President, is the Senior Strategist for Institutional Advancement at Public Campaign’s Every Voice Center. For over three decades, she has helped develop and nurture progressive policy and media organizations.

Pia Gallegos is a trial lawyer representing plaintiffs in discrimination, harassment, wrongful discharge, whistleblower and overtime class action cases. She also represents activist organizations in not-for-profit and issue advocacy law.

Robert McChesney is the author of six books on media and politics, Professor of Communication at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, host of the weekly talk show, Media Matters, on WILL-AM radio, and cofounder of the media reform organization Free Press.

Deborah Toler, a former Senior Research Analyst at the Institute for Food and Development Policy (Food First), has worked in Africa and has written extensively about international trade and development issues.

Matthew Hoh is a Senior Fellow with the Center for International Policy. In 2009 he resigned his position with the State Department in Afghanistan in protest of the escalation of the Afghan War by the Obama administration. He previously had been in Iraq with a State Department team and with the U.S. Marines.