UN Security Council Resolutions Being Violated by U.S. Allies


The following are some of the UN Security Council resolutions being violated by U.S. allies:

  • Resolution 252 (1968) Israel: Urgently calls upon Israel to rescind measures that change the legal status of Jerusalem, including the expropriation of land and properties thereon.!OpenDocument
  • 262 (1968) Israel: Calls upon Israel to pay compensation to Lebanon for destruction of airliners at Beirut International Airport.!OpenDocument
  • 353 (1974) Turkey: Calls on nations to respect the sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity of Cyprus and for the withdrawal without delay of foreign troops from Cyprus.
  • 379 (1975) Morocco: Calls for the withdrawal of foreign forces from Western Sahara.
  • 446 (1979) Israel: Calls upon Israel to scrupulously abide by the Fourth Geneva Convention regarding the responsibilities of occupying powers, to rescind previous measures that violate these relevant provisions, and “in particular, not to transport parts of its civilian population into the occupied Arab territories.”!OpenDocument
  • 465 (1980) Israel: Calls on Israel “to cease, on an urgent basis, the establishment, construction and planning of settlements in the Arab territories occupied since 1967, including Jerusalem.”!OpenDocument
  • 471 (1980) Israel: Demands prosecution of those involved in assassination attempts of West Bank leaders and compensation for damages; reiterates demands to abide by Fourth Geneva Convention.!OpenDocument
  • 487 (1981) Israel: Condemns Israel for attacking Iraqi nuclear facility and calls upon Israel to place its nuclear facilities under the safeguard of the UN’s International Atomic Energy Agency.!OpenDocument
  • 497 (1981) Israel: Demands that Israel rescind its decision to impose its domestic laws in the occupied Syrian Golan region.!OpenDocument
  • 541 (1983) Turkey: Reiterates the need for compliance with prior resolutions and demands that the declaration of an independent Turkish Cypriot state be withdrawn.
  • 573 (1985) Israel: Calls on Israel to pay compensation for human and material losses from its attack against Tunisia and to refrain from all such attacks or threats of attacks against other nations.!OpenDocument
  • 658 (1990) Morocco: Calls upon Morocco to “cooperate fully” with the Secretary General of the United Nations and the chairman of the Organization of African Unity “in their efforts aimed at an early settlement of the question of Western Sahara.”
  • 690 (1991) Morocco: Calls upon both parties to cooperate fully with the Secretary General in implementing a referendum on the fate of the territory.
  • 799 (1992) Israel: “Reaffirms applicability of Fourth Geneva Convention…to all Palestinian territories occupied by Israel since 1967, including Jerusalem, and affirms that deportation of civilians constitutes a contravention of its obligations under the Convention.”!OpenDocument
  • 809 (1993) Morocco: Reiterates call to cooperate with the peace settlement plan, particularly regarding voter eligibility for referendum.
  • 904 (1994) Israel: Calls upon Israel, as the occupying power, “to take and implement measures, inter alia, confiscation of arms, with the aim of preventing illegal acts of violence by settlers.”!OpenDocument
  • 973 (1995) Morocco: Reiterates the need for cooperation with United Nations and expediting referendum on the fate of Western Sahara.
  • 995 (1995) Morocco: Calls for “genuine cooperation” with UN efforts to move forward with a referendum.
  • 1056 (1996) Morocco: Calls for the release of political prisoners from occupied Western Sahara.
  • 1092 (1996) Turkey/Cyprus: Calls for a reduction of foreign troops in Cyprus as the first step toward a total withdrawal of troops as well as a reduction in military spending.
  • 1272 (1999) Indonesia: Stresses the need for Indonesia to provide for the safe return for refugees and maintain the civilian and humanitarian character of refugee camps.
  • 1319 (2000) Indonesia: Insists that Indonesia “take immediate additional steps, in fulfillment of its responsibilities, to disarm and disband the militia immediately, restore law and order in the affected areas of West Timor…”!OpenDocument
  • 1359 (2001) Morocco: Calls on the parties to “abide by their obligations under international humanitarian law to release without further delay all those held since the start of the conflict.”
  • 1405 (2002) Israel: Calls for UN inspectors to investigate civilian deaths during an Israeli assault on the Jenin refugee camp.!OpenDocument
  • 1435 (2002) Israel: Calls on Israel to withdraw to positions of September 2000 and end its military activities in and around Ramallah, including the destruction of security and civilian infrastructure.!OpenDocument

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    “United Nations Security Council Resolutions Currently Being Violated by Countries Other than Iraq” by Stephen Zunes: