Online Resources on Egypt and Beyond


With protests against the Egyptian regime continuing, here is a partial list of resources:

A critical Facebook page is “We are all Khaled Said” — also see the associated webpage (For background on Khaled Said, see IPA news release.) See:; live updates at; Al-Jazeera English live blog and video, or via YouTube: Arabic and English.

See some Twitter feeds: #Jan25 (referring to the Egyptian protests which began January 25);; feed from Cairo; @avinunu (who is in Amman) set up a Reporters in Egypt list. Philip Rizk @tabulagaza; blogger at @3arabawy; blogger at @arabist; Al Jazeera English corespondent @AymanM; Democracy Now‘s @sharifkouddous; CNN’s Ben Wedeman. Voice to Tweet from Egypt:

Also: #Sidibouzid (refers to the town of Mohamed Bouazizi, the Tunisian street vendor who on December 17 was the first of several in the region to immolate himself in protest.)

Based in the U.S., but with extensive contacts in the Mideast:; the new journal;; IPA communications director Sam Husseini’s personal feed @samhusseini

For translating from Arabic and French websites and Twitter feeds, can be helpful

(Photo by Nasser Gamil Nasser, who was assaulted by police.)