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Hamas Victory?


Peck, a former ambassador who was chief of mission in Iraq and Mauritania, also served as deputy director of the White House Task Force on Terrorism in the Reagan administration. He met with high Hamas officials while observing the Palestinian elections in 2006 and has been monitoring the situation closely since.

Abunimah just wrote the piece “A Setback for the Bush Doctrine in Gaza.” He is author of the recent book One Country: A Bold Proposal to End the Israeli-Palestinian Impasse. He said today: “We are seeing the collapse of the two-state solution. … The Israeli policy of trying to create Palestinians bantustans and ghettos is failing before our very eyes.”
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Dr. El-Farra is a physician and human rights activist from Gaza. She just began her first U.S. speaking tour. She writes the blog “From Gaza, with Love.”

She said today: “This is like two gangs in a prison fighting, but the underlying cause is the Israeli occupation and the U.S. illegitimate intervention. Part of Fatah identifies more with the interests of the U.S. and Israeli governments rather than the well-being of ordinary Palestinians. Hamas — which was democratically elected — should have been meeting the needs of the people, but instead has been focused on consolidating power.”
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