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Oil and the Environment


Executive director of Oil Change International, Kretzmann said today: “Despite how environmentally damaging and tragic the San Francisco and Black Sea spills are, they are only the most visible of the many costs of our oil addiction. Oil spills cannot truly be called accidents. Like human rights abuses, wars for oil, and climate, they are instead predictable and ongoing consequences of our collective addiction to oil. Democratic leadership in Congress, which is considering removing renewable energy incentives in the Energy Bill, should wake up and realize that the only real way to prevent tragedies such as this in the future is to chart an end to our nation’s addiction to oil.”
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Ott wrote the recent piece “Shocking: 18 Years On and Exxon Still Won’t Pay $2.5 Billion for Valdez Oil Spill.” She is the author of Sound Truth and Corporate Myth$: The Legacy of the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill and of the forthcoming Not One Drop: Promises, Betrayal, and Courage in the Wake of the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill. Ott is a community activist, a former ‘fisherm’am,’ and has a degree in marine toxicology with a specialty in oil pollution.
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Director of Public Citizen’s Energy Program, Slocum said today: “Right now Big Oil gets over $8 billion in subsidies. There’s a move on in Congress to shift some of that to alternative energy and energy efficiency. But even this conservative approach is getting filibuster threats in Congress. This even though we’re facing close to $100 for a barrel of oil and environmental damage.”
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