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Resigned Lobbyist “Tip of Iceberg” in McCain Campaign


Schecter is the author of the new book The Real McCain. He said today: “Lobbyist Tom Loeffler’s exit from the McCain campaign is only the tip of the iceberg in a candidacy swimming with conflicts of interest. McCain has now asked all of his staffers to fill out a form listing any conflicts. It will be a long list. McCain’s campaign manager, Rick Davis, and top media adviser, Charlie Black — not to mention dozens of other McCain staff — are up to their ears in lobbying fees received from a plethora of interests over the past two decades, ranging from SBC Communications to the Somali government. In his 2002 book, ‘Worth Fighting For,’ Sen. McCain wrote: ‘I have carefully avoided situations that might even tangentially be construed as a less than proper use of my office.’ The problem: the team of current and former lobbyists making the policy decisions for McCain’s campaign.”
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