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U.S. Bases in Iraq


McClatchy reports in a piece headlined “U.S. security talks with Iraq in trouble in Baghdad and D.C.” that “Iraqi lawmakers say the Bush administration is demanding concessions that are unacceptable, among them: dozens of semi-permanent bases from which U.S. forces can launch missions with no prior consent from Iraq’s government; complete immunity for U.S. troops and security contractors; control of Iraq’s air space; and no guarantees the United States will defend Iraq against a foreign attack.”

Author of the forthcoming book The Bases of Empire: The Struggle Against U.S. Military Posts, Lutz said today: “What the U.S. is doing in Iraq is much more threatening to Iraqi sovereignty than agreements the U.S. government has around the world — even as many of those agreements are coming under increased scrutiny by local people.”
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Engelhardt recently posted a video commentary about bases. He said today: “This is a crucial missing story. These bases are huge — Balad base has air traffic similar to Heathrow or O’Hare Airports.”
Engelhardt has written several piece on bases in Iraq including “Baseless Considerations” and “The Mother Ship Lands in Iraq” about the massive U.S. embassy. He is editor of the just-released book The World According to Tomdispatch: America and the Age of Empire.
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Background: The Transnational Institute’s mapping of hundreds of foreign bases, including those in Iraq, using Google Earth.

The Real News: “Iran opposes Iraq/U.S. security pact,” and “Iraqi Members of Parliament against U.S. bases: Leaked document says U.S. plans for permanent bases in Iraq being discussed with Iraqi gov.”

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