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Obama’s Economic Team


Available for a limited number of D.C.-based interviews, Klein is author of the book The Shock Doctrine and the recent piece “Obama’s Chicago Boys.”

The piece notes: “Barack Obama waited just three days after Hillary Clinton pulled out of the race to declare, on CNBC, ‘Look. I am a pro-growth, free-market guy. I love the market.’ Demonstrating that this is no mere spring fling, he has appointed 37-year-old Jason Furman to head his economic policy team. Furman is one of Wal-Mart’s most prominent defenders, anointing the company a ‘progressive success story.'”

A recent interview with Klein is available online.
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Frank is an associate professor of economics at the University of Massachusetts in Boston. She said today: “It is certainly encouraging that Obama acknowledges today that bad decisions in Washington, D.C. and on Wall Street have had a negative impact on millions of people’s lives, but it’s somewhat discouraging to see him turn to [former head of the Federal Reserve] Paul Volcker and [former Treasury Secretary] Robert Rubin who themselves presided over the deregulation of the financial industry.”

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