News Release

A Resurgence of Separatist Terrorism in Iraq


AP is reporting: “Suicide bombers, including at least three women, struck Shiite pilgrims in Baghdad and Kurdish protesters in the northern city of Kirkuk on Monday, killing at least 57 people…”


Connors and Bingham are co-directors of the documentary “Meeting Resistance,” which features interviews with insurgents in Iraq. Connors said today: “Given the political events of the last few weeks it is hardly surprising that a new bombing campaign, once again aimed at creating ethno/sectarian division in Iraq, should begin at this time.

“Iraq — and Baghdad in particular — has just come through one of the darkest periods in its history but, to the surprise of many and the consternation of a few, what has emerged from the violence of the past two and a half years is not a desire toward fragmentation but a re-affirmation by the Iraqi people that they will remain united. This has put the United States and its Iraqi government allies in something of a bind at a time when both administrations face elections that will define whether any of them have a future role in Iraq.

“For five years now Washington has talked about unity in Iraq at the same time as backing an Iraqi administration of Kurds and Shi’a factions that seek to partition the country. It is also worth noting that these separatist factions also have the support of the Iranian regime. Additionally the U.S. has consistently sought to ignore even the existence of the nationalist factions — consisting of the Sadrists, Fadila party, and various non-sectarian-based parties — even though they control a majority in the Iraqi parliament.”

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