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Biden and Dividing Iraq


Reuters recently reported: “Across racial and religious boundaries, Iraqi politicians … bemoaned Democratic presidential contender Barack Obama’s choice of running mate, known in Iraq as the author of a 2006 plan to divide the country into ethnic and sectarian enclaves.”

Editor of Kurdish Life and the International Journal of Kurdish Studies, Saeedpour is available for a limited number of in-depth interviews. She said today: “Remember when Biden based his candidacy in the Democratic primary on his plan to partition Iraq? Alas, the plan was not of his making. It was made in Israel as part of a larger plan to ‘break up the Sea of Arabs,’ in other words to divide the Middle East along ethnic and sectarian lines in order to guarantee Israel regional hegemony. The messenger was Council on Foreign Relations head Leslie Gelb, who boasted that he had persuaded Biden to come aboard during a three-and-a-half hour hold-over in an airport lounge. …”

Author of the book How America Lost Iraq and co-author of the upcoming book Winter Soldier Iraq and Afghanistan, Glantz reported extensively from Iraq as an unembedded journalist from 2003 to 2005. He has been covering U.S. war veterans since his return.

Glantz said today: “Very few politicians have been wrong more on Iraq than Biden. He was wrong when he voted for the invasion of Iraq and and his ideas for managing the occupation of Iraq have been consistently awful. His efforts to force the Bush administration to split Iraq in three has helped fan the flames of civil war. Iraqis have been hopeful about the possibility of change that would come with the election of Barack Obama, but in Biden they will actually get someone with a record worse than George Bush.”

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