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Sanjay Gupta: In Whose Interest?


AP reports: “President-elect Barack Obama’s reported choice for surgeon general, CNN medical correspondent Sanjay Gupta, could bring a dose of star power to a job that hasn’t had that much clout in decades.”

Lieberman is director of the health and medicine reporting program at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism. She just wrote the piece “The TV Doc as Surgeon General: Whose interests will Sanjay Gupta promote?” for Columbia Journalism Review.

MacDonald is communications director with the media watch group FAIR. She said today: “Many outlets have cheered the ‘communications skills’ that Gupta would bring to the post of surgeon general, where he would be expected to talk on TV about health care reform. But Gupta’s misleading attacks on single-payer health care and the Michael Moore film ‘Sicko’ should raise alarm bells about exactly what kind of perspective Gupta will be bringing to the debate about health care policy.” See FAIR’s “CNN vs. Sicko.”

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