News Release

What About Water Infrastructure?


WENONAH HAUTER, via Kate Fried
Executive director of Food & Water Watch, Hauter said today: “President Obama’s recently-announced infrastructure plan aims to modernize crumbling roads, rails and airports while providing jobs for the nearly one-in-five construction workers who are unemployed. Another way Obama could modernize our infrastructure while boosting the economy is to renew America’s water.

“While an infrastructure bank is not the best proposal for water, President Obama should support efforts to create a dedicated federal fund for repairing and upgrading our country’s water and sewer systems.

“Much of our water infrastructure was built around 100 years ago — when Model T’s dominated the roads. But our municipal water systems suffer from a $22 billion funding gap every year. Reversing that funding gap and recommitting to our public water systems would not only keep safe drinking water flowing freely to our homes and safeguard our environment — it would also create jobs.

“We urge Obama to make public water a top priority. He should reverse the funding gap and pledge additional resources towards upkeep of our ailing water systems.”

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