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As Democratic Establishment Sticks with Biden, Is Trump’s Vengeful Return More Likely?


Bloomberg reports: “Former President Donald Trump is leading President Joe Biden in all seven surveyed 2024 swing states, with Biden losing the 1 percentage-point lead over Trump he had in Michigan last month.”

JEFF COHEN,, @Roots_Action    Cohen is co-founder of, which is sponsoring the Step Aside Joe campaign. He is a retired journalism professor at Ithaca College and founder of the media watch group FAIR. Cohen was a Bernie Sanders delegate to the 2020 Democratic National Convention.    Cohen co-wrote “Conformist Dems Moving from Denial to Panic on Biden.”

He said: “It’s stunning that the Democratic leadership is sticking with Biden. … Racial justice activists, Arab-American activists, Muslim-American activists, young people of all colors including Jewish young people, are appalled by what Biden has done in Gaza. And many of them are announcing that they won’t be voting for Biden even if they live in swing states.    “If Trump takes office, which is a good possibility because of Biden and because the Democratic leadership won’t open up a primary process — they won’t even allow debates. … If he takes over in January 2025, there will be vengeance. Immigrants will suffer. People of color will suffer. The climate will suffer because he’s going to ‘drill, baby, drill’ on day one.”

Cohen co-wrote the piece with IPA executive director Norman Solomon, who was just quoted in The Guardian piece “Republican royalty to liberal heroine: Liz Cheney finds an anti-Trump niche“: “It’s very dangerous to fall into the groove of the enemy of my enemy is my friend.    “The fact that she has done one admirable thing in her life politically, and that is stand up against Donald Trump, does not change the fact that she voted with him an overwhelming amount of the time. On virtually every other issue even a mainstream Democrat would find her votes abhorrent. In the House she was one of the most prominent, outspoken militarists eager to go to war. The apple’s not far from the tree in that way.”