News Release

Biden Isn’t Mad at Netanyahu and Netanyahu Doesn’t Care About Israeli Hostages


Marcetic is Jacobin staff writer and the author of Yesterday’s Man: The Case Against Joe Biden.

He recently wrote the pieces “Officials Keep Admitting Biden’s Anger at Israel Isn’t Real” and “If You Care About the Hostages, Demand a Cease-Fire,” which states: “Let’s tally up those numbers. Ceasefire: seven days, zero hostages killed, 105 released. War: 129 days, at least four hostages killed, three rescued. …

“Sure enough, some of the loudest voices in Israel itself who are calling for a cease-fire are the very families of those kidnapped Israelis. After all, they’re reading the same news and watching the same footage as the rest of us. They quite logically understand that, since their family members are being held in Gaza, the Israeli government’s indiscriminate bombing and blockade of the territory puts their lives at risk, too. Any of their loved ones could end up like Sharabi or the other hostages killed by the IDF, or like the thousands of Palestinians now starving to death and riddled with infectious disease.”

See IPA news releases, from 2014: “Israeli Hannibal Directive: ‘A Breach of Democracy and Morality’” and from 2023: “Is Israel Killing U.S. Citizens by Refusing a Cease-fire?

Also see from Jeremy Schahill: “Netanyahu’s War on Truth.”