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Biden Threatens Houthis in Yemen as They Try to Force Israeli Ceasefire


Erik Sperling of Just Foreign Policy notes that the Pentagon “asserts that ‘of course’ the White House can unilaterally launch hostilities against Yemen at ‘a time and place of our choosing,’ without Congress’s approval, as required by the Constitution & War Powers Resolution.” The group notes that “Saudis continue to be more focused on peace in Yemen than the Biden Admin: In response to Yemen’s military attacks, Riyadh ‘pressed the Americans’ with a ‘message of restraint,’ emphasizing ‘why the Gaza conflict should stop,’ which ‘reflects a wider [Saudi] policy aimed at promoting regional stability.'” 

The military spokesperson for Ansar Allah, sometimes called the Houthis, stated: “The blockade of ships in the Red Sea will continue until the entry of food and medicine to our brothers in Gaza.”

The Guardian states: “BP has halted all shipments of oil and gas through the Red Sea after an increase in attacks on cargo ships by Houthi militants in Yemen, including two further strikes on Monday.” BBC reports Evergreen Line, “one of the world’s largest shipping firms is refusing Israeli cargo after attacks on vessels sailing through the Red Sea.”

Available for interviews:JEHAN HAKIM,, @jehan_hakim
Hakim is chair of the Yemeni Alliance Committee.

AISHA JUMAAN, MD,, @AishaJumaan
Dr. Jumaan is president of the Yemen Relief and Reconstruction Foundation takes issue with how these issues are being discussed. 

She notes that “military ships threatening Yemen for reminding the world that they need to end the genocide against the Palestinians and allowing humanitarian aid into Gaza is mind boggling. The UN General Assembly voted for an ‘immediate ceasefire’ nearly a week ago by an overwhelming margin — 153 countries voting for it. But Israel’s bombing and killing continues. The Houthis are stating that they are effectively implementing the will of the world.”

Jumaan added: “Instead of suspending shipping through Red Sea, these companies can show compassion and stop shipping to Apartheid Israel to end its genocide against the Palestinians in Gaza. …

“Yemen has been under a U.S.-supported, Saudi-led blockade for over eight years and Gaza is under siege. The results have been horrific. Yet no one cared and now, a military coalition is coming to aid Apartheid Israel while it is committing Genocide in Gaza.”

See her piece from last year: “Corporate Media Fail to Cover War in Yemen Due to U.S. Support for Saudi Arabia.”