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THOMAS BARLOW, editor at newsrelease11
KAM SANDHU, kam at
Barlow and Sandhu are with Real Media. See their interview on The Real News: “Hung Parliament a Stunning Victory for Corbyn’s Labour Party in UK Elections.” See from Ben Norton at FAIR: “Corporate Media Hope Labour’s Corbyn Loses Election — and Badly.”

Various media are reporting Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) will back Prime Minister Theresa May’s ruling Conservatives in forming a government.

CHRIS FLOYD, cfloyd72 at, on Twitter: @empireburlesque
Floyd is a journalist from the U.S. now in Oxford. He just wrote a piece for Counterpunch: “False Dawn or New Hope: Right-Wing Pact Imperils UK Paradigm Shift,” which states: “This morning finds us in what might be an even worse situation, as a wounded — and woefully incompetent — Theresa May limps to the palace to form a government that will be utterly at the mercy of the right-wing sectarian cranks of Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party.” Floyd is author of Empire Burlesque and has written for numerous outlets.

See from Fintan O’Toole of the Irish Times, from last month: “What connects Brexit, the DUP, dark money and a Saudi prince?