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Grounding Bezos


ABC News reports: “Jeff Bezos’s space company unveils lunar lander.”

CHUCK COLLINS,  Chuck at, @Chuck99to1
Collins is with, a project of the Institute for Policy Studies. He said today: “Could Jeff Bezos be any less grounded? The Amazon founder — and world’s richest individual — opined last week that building the infrastructure that would allow humanity to leave Earth en masse rates as the most important thing he could be doing.

“’We’re gonna build a road to space,’ the billionaire said about his new plans to help us exit Earth, ‘and then amazing things will happen.’

“Of course, Bezos could make plenty of amazing things happen right here on our home planet — like allowing Amazon workers to unionize, refusing to play ball with the Trump deportation machine, or ending his company’s corporate tax dodging.”

See his piece: “A Cure for Excessive Wealth Disorder.”