News Release

New Poll Finds 84 Percent Say Corporate Political Spending Drowns Out Average Americans


LIZ KENNEDY, via Lauren Strayer [email]
MARY BOYLE [email]
Gilbert is with Public Citizen, Strayer is with Demos and Boyle is with Common Cause. The three groups are part of the Corporate Reform Coalition, which just released a poll on the public’s attitudes toward money in politics. Among the findings:

* “84 percent of Americans agree that corporate political spending drowns out the voices of average Americans, and 83 percent believe that corporations and corporate CEOs have too much political power and influence.

* “81 percent of Americans agree that companies should only spend money on political campaigns if they disclose their spending immediately.

* “Requiring corporations to get shareholder approval before spending money on politics is supported by 73 percent of both Republicans and Democrats and 71 percent of Independents.”

The poll — conducted by Bannon Communications — also found very strong support for solutions:

* “77 percent of Americans support a requirement that companies publicly disclose their contributions to groups — like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce — that funnel money into politics.

* “74 percent of Americans support a plan allowing candidates to run for Congress without raising large contributions by collecting small contributions and receiving limited public funds.”

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