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The Violent Consequences of Antisemitic Bigotry


STEVEN GARDINER, s.gardiner at, @vetanthropology; also via Greeley O’Connor, g.oconnor at, @PRAEyesRight
Gardiner is senior research analyst at Political Research Associates, which monitors rightwing movements.

Last week, he wrote the piece “The Violent Consequences Of Antisemitic Bigotry,” which states: “The damage done by conspiracy and vigilante violence alters the fabric of democracy, and our collective capacity to understand what is going on in our world, to trust each other. The degradation of politics and attacks on the vulnerable, now proliferating, did not start with Donald Trump, but he rides its wave. The backlash and spillover injuries do not affect only high profile-individuals. As always, it is people are vulnerable who will be targeted. It is transgender people, as the bigotry amplification machine that is the current administration seeks more scapegoats. It is those involved in the liberation movement for black lives, and for just and compassionate immigration. It is the migrants seeking to cross the border and the refugees from the wars the U.S. has done so much to spread around the globe. It is not for the plutocrats that we are called to resist, but to for the sake of a world where a just, multi-racial democracy is even remotely possible.”