News Release

What is the Palestinian Children and Families Act?


See the article “Will the U.S. Media Cover Nadine and Kinda?” about the marginalization of the impact of Israeli bombings on Palestinian children.

See @accuracy Twitter list which highlights people in Gaza. See from the Palestinian Center for Human Rights in Gaza: “Day 8 of Israeli Offensive on Gaza: Non-Stop Bombing and Systematic Infrastructure Destruction.”

Bing is with the Palestine Activism Program of the American Friends Service Committee, working on the Gaza Unlocked and No Way to Treat a Child campaigns.

She said today: “We are in a moment where more people around the globe are speaking up against Israel’s crimes against the Palestinian people — including members of the U.S. Congress. The disastrous impact of not holding the Israeli and U.S. governments accountable for violating Palestinian rights is seen as each apartment building in Gaza is leveled by U.S.-supplied weapons and dead children are pulled from the rubble. This must end. One vehicle for accountability that is making its way in Congress (today with 20 co-sponsors), is HR 2590 the ‘Palestinian Children and Families Act‘ led by Rep. Betty McCollum. Thousands of activists are using this bill to educate their members of Congress about the rights denied to Palestinian children living under Israeli occupation and to demand change.”

Background: see from The Intercept: “Rank-and-file Democrats Slow to Call for Restricting Aid to Israel.”