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Will Biden Get Serious Scrutiny?


BRANKO MARCETIC, branko.95.m at, @BMarchetich
Marcetic is author of the recently released book Yesterday’s Man: the Case Against Joe Biden. He was just on an news release.

His recent articles for Jacobin include: “Joe Biden Has a Long History of Giving Republicans What They Want,” “Joe Biden Jumped at the Chance to Help George W. Bush Sell the Invasion of Iraq,” “Joe Biden Helped Pull the Democrats to the Right,” “Joe Biden, the Unreliable Pro-Choice Advocate” and “Joe Biden Tried to Cut Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare for 40 Years.”

His pieces for In These Times include: “Want More Proof of Corporate Media’s Anti-Bernie Bias? Look at MSNBC’s Democratic Debate,” Superdelegates Were Designed To Stop a Candidate Like Bernie” and “In His Lies, Joe Biden Is Sounding a Lot Like Trump.”