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From Alex Ortiz in Cairo

[The Egyptian government has apparently block Twitter, Facebook (as of Wed. morn U.S. ET) and other internet tools, though apparently some people are able to get around such restrictions. Email from 8:45 a.m. ET:]

Downtown Cairo today remains in a state of high alert. There are many security forces and plainsclothed policemen visible on every street in the center of the city. There have been minor clashes with protesters in various parts of Cairo, as well as in Assiyut – a city to the south.

At the moment, security forces are cordoning off Tahrir Square. Private security guards in the immediate area claimed that they have heard through Central Security that clashes are expected later in the day.

More to come.

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Ortiz studies at American University in Cairo; he graduated from Brown University in Arabic literary translation and Middle Eastern studies in 2009. Yesterday he succeeded in having a video stream of protests with thousands watching online.