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Dana Frank on Al-Jazeera to Discuss Honduras


After appearing on an IPA news release last week University of California history professor Dana Frank went on Al Jazeera English to discuss the Honduran coup and Zaleya’s return. She discussed the implications of the former president’s return, emphasizing it was not a panacea for the nation’s problems.

Frank said: “Hilary Clinton, Secretary of State, has already said ‘Great, everything is wonderful now. Democracy has been restored and of course we can readmit Honduras to the OAS and make this problem go away.’ And of course it’s a huge ongoing problem for the Honduran people. You know I talk to people all the time who are terrified of the situation. There are not civil liberties. People on the opposition radio stations are still being threatened. There’s actually absolutely no functioning judicial system. Over 300 people have been killed in suspicious assassinations for opposition activities since the coup. Not a single person has been charged or prosecuted for those deaths, including four people that were killed in the last two or three weeks. So it’s really terrifying if you’re a Honduran.”