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Christine Ahn, Founder of Women Cross DMZ, on “The Real News”


Following an appearance on a recent IPA press release, Christine Ahn, Founder of Women Cross DMZ, was interviewed by Aaron Maté on “The Real News.” In the interview, Ahn discussed raised hopes of de-escalating tensions between North and South Korea in face of the upcoming Winter Olympics.

“It’s extraordinarily heartening and probably the most important single action that would avert a war on the Korean Peninsula that is being potentially waged by the Trump administration. As you may know, in the New Year’s address, Kim Jong-un, the leader of North Korea, basically in his New Year’s speech, extended an olive branch where he offered to send North Korean athletes to the South Korean Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. South Korean Moon Jae-in, he quickly seized that window of opportunity, and he quickly responded. And on January 9th they had the first high-level talks in over two years.” Later in the interview, Ahn described the importance of organizing women for the deescalation of conflicts when she said “… it was really a meeting of movements led by women because we know that when women are at the table, there is a greater chance of there being a peace agreement.”