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NSA Whistleblower Thomas Drake, on The Real News Network


Following an appearance on a recent IPA news release, Thomas Drake, whistleblower and former senior official of the National Security Agency (NSA), discussed in an interview for The Real News how the new FISA law expands warrantless surveillance of American citizens.


“For me, it’s the emperor, let’s just say the emperor here has no clothes. And it’s important that Americans and others wake up to the fact that this is simply a continuation of what has been in place now since shortly after 9/11 under “legal means.” And I’ve heard the argument, Aaron, I’ve heard the argument, “Well, hey. If you’ve done nothing wrong, you’ve said nothing wrong, you’ve not committed any crimes, you have nothing to worry about.” Did you know that under this reauthorization act, there is an extraordinary irony that an actual criminal, let’s say targeted legitimately, doing actually, probable cause of criminal activity, actually has more rights than an American would under this reauthorization bill.”