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Junaid Ahmad on The Real News


AhmadFollowing an appearance on a recent IPA news release, scholar Junaid Ahmad was interviewed by The Real News examining gun culture, homophobia, and the U.S. ideologies that informed the Orlando shooting. He explained that despite Hillary Clinton’s claim that this was an act of “radical Islamism” and Trump’s proposal to ban Muslims from entering the country, placing the blame on Islam ignores the homophobia and violence that the U.S. has historically perpetuated. Ahmad said, “You don’t have to go to the country of origin of this shooter to find [homophobia] it’s very present here in the U.S. as well.” He states that we need to look at the bigger picture and the “culture of violence that is cultivated within the U.S. that has been exported abroad through wars, invasions, drones, and so on, is also part of the picture when looking at why something like this is taking place.”