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Smith and Alvarez Discuss Japan Nuclear Crisis on Democracy Now!


Robert Alvarez and Aileen Mioko Smith appeared on Democracy Now! this morning following their inclusion on an IPA news release earlier this week. Smith and Alvarez discussed the aftermath of the Fukushima nuclear disaster, including the growing worry over possible contamination among Japanese citizens. “There’s incredible concern, especially among parents in Fukushima prefecture. But now spreading is concern among parents in Tokyo, which is quite a far way from Fukushima,” Smith said. “Mainly, what’s been happening is that citizens have been monitoring. And after they find high levels, they demand that the local authorities and the government look at those contaminated areas, and then the government looks, and it is contaminated. So it’s very much citizen-oriented. There are people going in all the time. There are radiation monitors all over. Parents are measuring. Mothers are measuring. University professors on weekends are measuring.”