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Global Warming Summit


Reporting on the 10-day U.N. Climate Control Conference, which has begun in Montreal, the Associated Press noted that it is “considered the most important gathering on global warming since Kyoto, bringing together thousands of experts from 180 nations to brainstorm on ways to slow the alarming effects of greenhouses gases.”

President of the Union of Concerned Scientists, Knobloch is at the conference in Montreal. Young can arrange interviews with Knobloch and other members of the Union of Concerned Scientists at the conference.
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Research director for Greenpeace USA, Davies is in Montreal. He is able to comment on various aspects of global warming and is also able to arrange interviews with environmental activists from around the world who are at the conference.
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Also in Montreal, Wysham is director of the Sustainable Energy and Economy Network and a fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies. She is co-author of the report “Wrong Turn from Rio: The World Bank’s Road to Climate Catastrophe.”
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Glick is with the group Climate Crisis. He said today: “We are demanding that the U.S. government join the world by ratifying the Kyoto Protocol. … We will be acting in concert with hundreds of thousands of people in at least 28 countries around the world who are making Dec. 3 an International Day of Action to Stop Global Warming.”
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Micah Walker Parkin is with the Alliance for Affordable Energy, which is organizing events in New Orleans on Dec. 3. She said today: “The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has found that New Orleans is the city in North America most vulnerable to the effects of global warming, as we saw all too well a few months ago — we’re low-lying and very vulnerable to sea rises and hurricanes.”
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