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Iran and IAEA


The International Atomic Energy Agency is scheduled to continue to meet this weekend on the case of Iran. The following are available for interviews:

Currently in Vienna at the IAEA meeting, Peden is a Greenpeace International nuclear analyst. The group has recently released a statement titled “Nukes, Iran, the UN: A Grave Mistake.”
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Vanunu revealed Israel’s nuclear weapons arsenal in 1986, at which time he was jailed by the Israeli government. In April 2004, he was released from prison but continues to be under severe travel limits and other restrictions. He notes that while Iran is being accused of wanting to secretly develop nuclear weapons, “that is what Israel did 40 years ago.” Israel, India and Pakistan have refused to sign the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, which Iran has signed. While the U.S. government has made many accusations about Iran and Iraq, it refuses to publicly acknowledge the existence of Israel’s nuclear weapons arsenal, estimated at between 60 and several hundred warheads. Vanunu, who is in Jerusalem, has been frequently nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. His next court date is scheduled for Feb. 9.
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Co-founder of Women for Peace and Justice in Iran, Royanian visited Iran in October.

Cabasso is executive director of the California-based Western States Legal Foundation, which specializes in nuclear policy. A recent report from the group is titled “War Is Peace, Arms Racing Is Disarmament: The Non-Proliferation Treaty and the U.S. Quest for Global Military Dominance.” Burroughs is executive director of the New York-based Lawyers’ Committee on Nuclear Policy. He wrote the recent piece “Hans Blix on Iran.” They are among the contributors to the new blog Disarmament Activist.
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