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Iraq and Afghanistan: Turning Point or Going in Circles?


Bendib is a cartoonist; his first collection of cartoons is titled “It Became Necessary to Destroy the Planet in Order to Save It!” His latest cartoon depicts Bush repeatedly claiming to be reaching a “turning point” in Iraq while in fact he is just going around in circles; see it here.

Bendib said today: “For a while it seemed decolonization was happening and we were coming to a place where all countries could stand equally. Now, that seems to have been an illusion — the clock is being turned back one or two hundred years.”
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Author of the new article “Spinning Out of Control: The U.S. Military’s Virtual Reality About a Deadly Day in May” (see it here), Herold is a professor of economic development at the University of New Hampshire and founder of The Afghan Victim Memorial Project.
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Blake was a supply specialist in a tank unit in Iraq from April 2003 to March 2004. He is now active with Iraq Veterans Against the War. He said today: “I was never in such a situation, but several people in my unit were and they were told that if a bomb goes off, you shoot up the landscape at anything that moves.”

On Haditha, IVAW stated: “While such murders by military personnel are reprehensible, ultimate blame for these actions must be placed on the responsible commanding officers, Donald Rumsfeld, and the Bush administration who have created the context for chaos through an illegal and unjust war and occupation which they admit has no end in sight.”

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