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Time magazine’s cover story last week noted: “Simmering conflict in Congo has killed 4 million people since 1998, yet few choose to cover the story.”

Executive director of Friends of the Congo, Carney said today: “The central issue of the Congo has long been its enormous wealth and the nexus that exists among local sycophants seeking to enrich themselves at the expense of the people, greedy neighbors with visions of regional grandeur and the voracious appetite by Western governments and corporations to profit from the natural resources of the Congo with no regard for Congolese lives.”
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Bain and Shapiro are co-producers and co-directors of the new documentary “Darfur Diaries.” Shapiro said today: “Minnawi, the leader of one of the SLA [Sudanese Liberation Army] factions who signed on the peace agreement, is now attacking the other SLA factions. The U.S. has touted his acceptance of the peace agreement as a positive breakthrough and is threatening sanctions against the other factions while refusing to consider their legitimate reservations about the peace agreement.”
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