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Poll Watchers Encourage Voters


Stewart is the policy director and Krawitz is the executive director with Stewart said today: “The first step in protecting your vote is to vote! We advise people to confirm if they are registered before they go to the polls. For many states, you can find much of this information at You can also call your county election office. In states where the electronic voting machine is equipped with a paper trail printer, voters should be sure to confirm that their vote is recorded accurately on the paper record. If there is a problem, voters should notify a poll worker before casting their vote.”

Stewart added: “We have seen instances where the problem with the paper trail was as simple as an empty cartridge or a paper jam that could have been corrected easily but nobody notified the poll workers. People should also bring IDs with them just in case, even though many states do not require them. However, in every state, if you are voting for the first time and you registered by mail, you need to bring identification with you to the polls. If you encounter any problems with voting or with voting machines, be sure to call 1-866-OUR-VOTE in English or 1-888-VEY-VOTA in Spanish.”
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Ferraro and Fudge are coordinators with Save Our Votes in Maryland. Ferraro is also co-founder of TrueVoteMD. They have been helping train poll watchers who will observe Election Day proceedings in polling places around Maryland. Fudge said today: “I know there are a lot of concerns about the safety and security of our election process. After all, public allegiance to the government is based on trust in the legitimacy of elections. However, one surefire way to not have your vote counted is not to vote. We want to encourage all eligible voters to come out and vote on Election Day. … We must fix our electoral process, not abandon it.”

Fudge added: “We have formed a statewide nonpartisan grassroots organization working for secure, accessible, verifiable elections. We will be there on Election Day with hundreds of poll watchers. We will do our best to preserve the integrity of the voting process. We will also document all problems and irregularities so that we can bring appropriate action after the election.” Ferraro said today: “Maryland had a lot of problems in the primary so all eyes are on the state… We are not about to give up on the electoral process.”
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Hoke is Director of the Cleveland State University Center for Election Integrity in Cleveland, Ohio, and an election law professor at Cleveland State University.
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