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Olmert in Washington


Lead Israeli drafter of the unofficial Geneva Initiative detailed peace plan and former official Israeli peace negotiator and advisor in the Prime Minister’s Office to the Barak government, Levy is now senior fellow at the New America Foundation and the Century Foundation and directs their respective Middle East and Peace initiatives. His upcoming piece in the Washington Monthly, “Send the Baker Commission to Gaza,” proposes having the new Congress mandate that the Iraq Study Group expand its scope of inquiry to provide recommendations for diplomatic re-engagement throughout the Middle East region.
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Author of the new book One Country: A Bold Proposal to End the Israeli-Palestinian Impasse, Abunimah said today: “By vetoing a UN Security Council Resolution condemning Israel’s attacks in Gaza [over the weekend], which have killed nearly one hundred Palestinians in a week and wiped out an entire family, the Bush administration is sending a clear signal that it approves of the Israeli onslaught. If the United States wants to begin to change its profile in the world and rebuild the credibility it will need to solve the catastrophe in Iraq, there could be no worse approach.

“As Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert arrives in Washington this week, it would be good if he were to hear a clear message from the U.S. that Israel must respond positively to recent peace overtures from the Palestinians and Syria, and halt its ongoing military aggression. Yet despite the changes on Capitol Hill, there is an unhealthy consensus among Democrats and Republicans that unquestioning U.S. support for Israel is a sacred cow that cannot be touched no matter how much damage it does to U.S. interests.”
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Ackerman is author of the recent piece “Nixed Signals: When Hamas hinted at peace, U.S. media wouldn’t take the message.”
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El-Farra is a physician and community activist in northern Gaza.
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