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Troop Levels


Principal research scientist at the Security Studies Program of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Williams is editor of the book Filling the Ranks: Transforming the U.S. Military Personnel System.

Co-director of the Project on Defense Alternatives, Conetta said today: “Unless you are planning more invasions like that of Iraq, or you think a 10 percent increase will change the direction of the war, a troop level increase — if achievable — is a purely political move. It’s a sop to the military brass for continuing to go along with the Iraq war. Many of the Democrats have been calling for this so they can be seen as tough and pro-military.”

Executive director of Iraq Veterans Against the War, Dougherty said today: “The Democrats’ continued consent and funding of the war allows Bush to conduct it as he wishes. … The U.S. military presence in Iraq is the main factor, either directly or indirectly, instigating the violence there.”
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