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Legacies of Kissinger and Ford: · Kurds · East Timor


An Iraqi Kurdish doctor and academic now living in the U.S., Sayadi said today: “Kissinger eulogized Ford today, but he could have eulogized Saddam. In 1975, Kissinger brokered the Algiers agreement whereby Iran ended its support of the Kurds, leaving them alone to be attacked by Saddam. I was actually in a refugee camp in Iran at the time. Similarly, Rumsfeld was shaking hands with Saddam during the height of Saddam’s crimes in the 1980s. [Video]

“I’ve been watching and taping the various trials — the Iraqi and Kurdish channels on satellite TV show them late night. The trials have been a farce, with proceedings cut off at crucial points. The U.S. didn’t want a full, open trial which would highlight issues like who Saddam’s accomplices were and where he got chemical weapons; it was from the U.S. and Europe. When we don’t get the truth out, it allows crimes to be repeated.”
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National coordinator for the East Timor and Indonesia Action Network, Miller said today: “Indonesia invaded East Timor in 1975 with the support of the U.S. government. Kissinger and Ford were actually in Indonesia the day before the invasion. As a result, up to 200,000 people were killed during the occupation that followed.”
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