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Juhasz is a visiting scholar at the Institute for Policy Studies. She will be at a news conference in D.C. on Thursday with Rep. Dennis Kucinich, at noon in the Cannon Terrace. She said today: “A major ‘benchmark’ is for the Iraqi parliament to pass a new oil law. This is a major goal of Big Oil as it helps privatize Iraq’s oil. The proposed Iraqi oil law would actually destabilize Iraq and lengthen the war.” Juhasz is author of the book The Bush Agenda: Invading the World, One Economy at a Time.
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A native of Missouri, Richards is currently in D.C. and is spearheading the “Swarm on Congress” — a series of nonviolence actions in the halls of Congress to end the war in Iraq. Richards’ son has been deployed to Iraq twice and attempted suicide while facing a third deployment. She said today: “This is being called a compromise by some. What compromise — the Congress is giving George Bush everything he’s asked for. They are not acting as a co-equal branch of government; they are going against the will of the American people.”
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National coordinator and senior policy analyst at Just Foreign Policy, Naiman wrote the recent piece “Iraq War Funding: ‘Compromise’ or ‘Sellout’?” which states: “The supplemental is purportedly to cover the period until September 30 … why is $100 billion necessary for this purpose? … [T]hat would mean … the rate of war spending was doubling … [T]he supplemental is not intended to carry the war to September 30, but well beyond that.” [Full article]

He added: “Hearst is now reporting that there’s a second surge unfolding, possibly doubling [combat] troops in Iraq by Christmas. By folding now, Congress would be giving the green light to further escalation, including possible confrontation with Iran.” See “Bush could double force by Christmas.”
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Author of the book Iraq: The Logic of Withdrawal, Arnove said today: “Despite elections in November 2006 that sent a clear signal that it’s time to bring home the troops, the occupation of Iraq will almost certainly continue for years to come, and the death toll will continue to mount for U.S. troops and Iraqis. The mistakes of the Vietnam War are being repeated, only with potentially more dire consequences. Congress failed us then, and is failing us now. It will take greater citizen action to end this war, something that grows more urgent every day.”
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