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Reporting From Iraq


Available for a limited number of interviews from Baghdad, Enders is a freelance journalist who has spent more than 18 months in Iraq over the past four years. He is author of the book Baghdad Bulletin. Enders said today: “The last time I was here was in May 2006. It’s never been this hard to move around in Baghdad. … From what I have seen, the control exercised by some of the militias seems to be greater than I’ve ever seen. … The situation seems to be leading to increased fragmentation rather than moving towards a cohesive state. I have yet to speak to anyone who said that security has gotten better — most people I spoke to say that they would leave the country if they could.”

Enders also stated: “The main opposition to the oil law is due to the foreign rights. As it is written now, many people feel that it would be giving up a key piece of Iraqi sovereignty.”
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