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Behind the Conventional Wisdom on Clinton, Obama & Edwards


* Clinton’s “Experience”
* Obama on Racial Justice and Africa
* Edward’s Corporate Friend

President of the U.S.-based National Muslim Law Students Association, Ahmad was last in Pakistan this August. He just wrote the piece “What’s Behind Bhutto’s Assasination?”

Ahmad said today: “At the ABC debate on Saturday, Clinton called Musharraf ‘the elected president’ of Pakistan. This is a remarkable statement from someone who touts her ‘experience’ as a cornerstone of her campaign. Musharraf came to power in a military coup in October 1999, became unlawfully the holder of two posts, president and chief of army staff, rigged the national and provincial assembly elections of 2002 to get his party — the ‘king’s party’ PML(Q) — in power, and this past October got those very same illegitimate assemblies to unconstitutionally re-elect him as president.

“Leading Democratic Party candidates seem to be clueless about the failed nature of U.S. policy to Pakistan and Afghanistan, and their indications of an increased U.S. presence in Pakistan bodes a disaster for the region and the U.S. itself.”
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Executive editor of Black Agenda Report, Ford said today: “Obama has fawning praise of the same U.S. ‘free enterprise’ system that Martin Luther King, Jr. thought was incompatible with racial justice and peace. Obama has made ridiculous and statistically baseless declaration that blacks have already come ’90 percent of the way to equality,’ inferring that his election would provide the final ten percent. The senator’s initial insistence, later modified, that the Katrina catastrophe and the Jena outrage had nothing to do with race would be hard to imagine from a white Democratic leader.”

National coordinator of Just Foreign Policy, Naiman just wrote the piece “Edwards, Not Obama, is Mr. Africa.”

Naiman said today: “There is popular but unexamined notion that in terms of policy, Mr. Obama is Mr. Africa. But Africa Action gave Obama a B for his commitment to providing universal access to treatment for HIV/AIDS. Edwards, Richardson, and Clinton got an A. … Unlike Democratic rivals, Sen. Obama apparently would not commit to $50 billion in new funding in coming years to the Global Fund to fight AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. He also would not to commit to the goal of universal access to treatment.”

Orton is professor of telecommunications at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He just wrote the piece “Edwards Campaign Living in Leo Hindery’s Corporate Glass House?” which states: “A New York Times story over Christmas weekend comparing Mitt Romney and John Edwards views of wealth and the role of government in its creation had a small mention of ‘Edwards’ senior economic adviser,’ Leo Hindery, Jr.

“I couldn’t believe it.

“Leo Hindery, formerly head of scandal-ridden Global Crossing, who walked away from that stockholders’ disaster with $250 million? Leo Hindery, who as George Steinbrenner’s head of the YES cable channel, squeezed Yankee fans out of every last dollar to watch their games? Leo Hindery, who as head of cable television giant TCI, then arguably the country’s worst cable operator, managed to con AT&T into buying the company at a premium price? That Leo Hindery?”
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