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Clinton: Emotion and Policies


Columnist Pollitt just wrote the piece “Hillary Shows Feeling, Is Slammed,” which states: “Hillary Clinton, long criticized as cold, shows a bit of feeling and is attacked as overly emotional. It’s the latest installment of the ongoing double bind in which if she wears a black pantsuit she’s too masculine and if she wears a pink shell she’s too feminine; if she’s serious she’s humorless and if she laughs she ‘cackles.’ … ‘When people say they don’t want anyone’s finger on the button who cries, I say I don’t want anyone’s finger there who doesn’t cry,’ Pat Schroeder told me when we spoke by phone this afternoon. ‘Tears show someone is a human being.'”
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Author of the book Blue Grit: True Democrats Take Back Politics from the Politicians, Flanders said today: “Clinton is being attacked by many for exactly the wrong reasons — not for dubious policies but in sexist fashion for showing emotion. Ironically, the attack may likely propel her base. The Clinton campaign has not suffered from too much emotion, but from being top-down.”
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Pozner is executive director of Women In Media & News. She said today: “Hillary teared-up when talking about women’s advances being rolled back and that’s totally fine. But if you don’t want women’s advances to be rolled back, then don’t support many of the policies that she has. For example, when asked recently, she said she has no regret about ‘welfare reform,’ which hurt many women.”

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